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Marble falls is a first-person adventure/horror game set in 1971, in which the protagonist (still making the name) is appointed the new inspector of the town he just moved to called marble falls. (guys name) begins to look into strange occurrences throughout the town that are caused by a black eyed child, which is a demonic being assuming the form of his dead son. Users gather clues to discover this fact from each crime scene they investigate and from the dream sequences that take place each night.


The game is a realistic portrayal of 1970s technology with light paranormal elements.

World-Altering Events:

A series of mysterious murders befalls a quiet town with seemingly no rational explanation as to how, who or why.

Cultures/Character Classes:

The game portrays the struggle of a young minority detective in a small rural Texas town in the 1970s, and as such has light themes of cultural struggle between the player character and the town residents betwixt the killings that shake the foundation of the town.

Major Location(s):

As per the Mission Design & Encounters section;

The town common area/public park.

The Marble Falls Elementary School.

Detective J.Korso's home.

The child's lair.

Summary of Conflict in the World:

A young anti-social minority cop arrives to a small Texas town in order to make a fresh start away from a tragedy. The integrity of his work is put into question from the towns people amidst a serious of disturbing killings, and rumors of mysterious children are spread.

Sections Edit

Character Design - Michael Falcone (1704289)

Level Design- Isobel Kelly (1703199)

Cutscene Script - Seth Dahl (1702758)

Mission and Encounter Design - Euan Gaul (1702897)


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